The week in pictures in the world

La semaine en images dans le monde

Our team has selected the best pictures taken in the last days, to illustrate key events or unusual of the week in the world.


Participants in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the independence of the Congo were dressed in suits and covered in cans on Tuesday in Brussels.


President Donald Trump was messing around with the baseball bat of a manufacturer in Texas in the entrance of the White House, Thursday, during the exhibition , Spirit of America Showcase.


A fruit vendor pushing his cart through a flooded street, Friday, after heavy rain in Mumbai.

United Kingdom

The balancing act on strap Sandor Nagy enjoyed the farm last Tuesday on the beach in Boscombe.

New York

Fireworks the annual macy’s store chain have colored the Big Apple on Friday.


Farmers in the village of Tokha, located in the region of Kathmandu, launching in the mud of a field to celebrate the opening of the rice planting season.


A bucolic lavender field around a small shack of brick enjolivait Wednesday, the village of Puimoisson, in the south of France.


A man was walking last Saturday, cell in hand, in an environment of end of the world, in Ariha, a town of 40,000 victims of the bombing.


Members of the ethnic group Yanomami were seen Wednesday on a native land in Alto Alegre, where we made tests for the diagnosis of the COVID-19.


A young woman stretching during a workout of gymnastics on Thursday in Shenyang, a city of 8 million inhabitants.

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