The week in pictures in the world

La semaine en images dans le monde

Our team has selected the best pictures taken in the last days, to illustrate key events or unusual of the week in the world.

Invasion of locusts

Farmers of pakistan are suffering from a significant loss of income since that swarms of locusts have invaded their fields in the heart of agricultural country. It would be the worst plague in 25 years in this region of Asia.

Delivery by drone

A drone of the pizza chain Domino’s carries a box to the effigy of the company during a trial session on the beach of Zandvoort, the netherlands, June 25.

A picnic plate

A seagull opportunistic steals a crescent in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the buffet prepared for a press conference on 25 June at the headquarters of the sea carrier Maersk.

The parade of the victory

The sailors were paraded on Red Square in Moscow during a military parade on 24 June to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the victory of soviet nazi Germany during the Second world War. The parade, which was originally scheduled to take place on 9 may, was postponed this year because of the pandemic.

Enjoy the sun

Bathers have enjoyed the sun on a beach on the south-east of England a few days after the lifting of the containment. The thermometer showed 40 degrees Celsius on the 24th of June.

Mr. Bean in the rice fields in chinese

This aerial photo taken in Shenyang on June 24, shows a portrait of Mr. Bean, a famous character in british interpreted by the actor Rowan Atkinson, made from different varieties of rice in a field in the north-east of China.

Hot below !

A young man jumps over a fire during the festival Rasos on the 23rd of June, to Rumsiskes, Lithuania. It is a traditional celebration of the night of the summer solstice.

Yoga… safely

People are isolated in the interior of the domes in this era of COVID-19 to participate in a yoga class outside at the hotel X in Toronto, on June 23. If the centres of fitness were able to reopen their doors in Quebec, it is not the same in the other provinces of Canada.


Blindfolded, the acrobat swiss Freddy Nock has ventured into the cable of a cable car just above the mountain station of The Diablerets, June 23, at the air show ” Glacier 3000 “, marking the re-opening of the facilities in the alps.

A public

It is in front of an audience composed of plants that a quartet from Barcelona, Spain, performed on 22 June, during a concert created by the Spanish artist Eugenio Ampudia.

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