The whale was returned to the owner of the drowned iPhone: video

In the comments users have nicknamed the whale rescue “Russian spy”

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Белуха вернула утонувший iPhone владельцу: видео

The whale returned to the owner’s smartphone

The portal LADbible published in Norway filmed a video in which the whale gets out of the water a fallen iPhone. The owner already mentally said goodbye to their smartphone, but then I saw the whale, which rose from the depths with a gadget in your mouth. Drowned iPhone kit returned directly into the hands of the owner.

Of course, the “Savior” was rewarded with thunderous applause. Filled in online video also has caused excitement among many users.

Comments called Belukha-the lifeguard “Russian spy”. A nickname given to an animal in connection with history, which also occurred in Norway. Fishermen found the whale, to which was attached a GoPro camera with the inscription: “Equipment of Saint-Petersburg”. It was assumed that the camera on the whale tied the military from Murmansk.

The canadian fisherman Joe Howlett, known for his selfless work to save caught in the nets and the ropes of whales killed from hitting another rescued sea giant.

And the fishermen of new Jersey took video of a humpback whale jumped out of the water right in front of their boat. Keith filled the boat with water and threw the fish in, but, fortunately, not turned. Men, according to the staff, did not expect this development greatly alarmed.

Watch the video: the Norwegians found the white whale-“spy” of the Russian Navy

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