The White House feeds, and then minimizes the tension with Dr. Fauci

La Maison-Blanche alimente, puis minimise, les tensions avec le Dr Fauci

The american president Donald assured on Monday that he had “very good relations” with the immunologist Anthony Fauci, after attempting to discredit the latter, very respected in the United States.

“I have a very good relationship with Dr. Fauci” said Mr. Trump during an exchange with reporters at the White House.

“I find that it is someone very well (…), I like it personally “, he added, while pointing out that it was ” not always agree with him “.

For several days, Donald Trump multiplied the criticisms of this distinguished scientist, the highest expert in infectious diseases from the government, which never tires of emphasizing that the United States is in an unenviable position in the fight in the face of the pandemic.

“He is a good man, but he has made a lot of mistakes “, was launched on Thursday the tenant of the White House, four months of the presidential election, which minimizes systematically the dramatic increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 across the United States.

Over the weekend, an official of the White House has fueled these attacks.

Under the guise of anonymity, he told the Washington Post of the “concerns” of the executive on ” the number of times where Dr. Fauci was wrong “. This same manager has provided on a daily basis a list of declarations of the scientist that he believed were wrong.

In this context, the president appreciated the fact there always the advice of Mr. Fauci?

“Certainly,” replied Monday, Kayleigh McEnany, his spokesperson, anxious, apparently, to defuse the tensions.

“Dr. Fauci is one of the many people within the task force (on the coronavirus) who gives advice “, she added.

In the Face of the outbreak of new cases in the South and in the West, the famous immunologist sounds the alarm, denouncing déconfinements too hasty and carefree attitude of the Americans.

“As a country, when we compare ourselves to other countries, I don’t think we can say that we’d come out of it well. This is simply not the case “, he warned.

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