The Who at the Autostade in 1968: lightning

Les Who à l’Autostade en 1968: foudroyants

On July 17, 1968, the training The Who is produced for the mythical Autostade in Montreal. The second episode of the podcast For a story of a show traces, on the platform QUB Music, the memories of this memorable event.

This series as a podcast, moderated by Nicolas Titley, delves into the past was to relive the great moments of the history of the music by artists, artisans, and fans. The first episode was devoted to the feasts of St John between the years 1973 and 1976.

The Who were the headliners at the international Festival of popular music, which featured the training of british Troggs, famous for their success in Wild Things, Americans of Ohio Express, Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels, and the montreal band The Haunted.

It was the second visit of Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Keith Moon and Pete Townshend, four months after their first appearance at the Montreal Forum on march 27, 1968.

These two concerts followed the release of their third studio album entitled The Who Sell Out. A disk on which were the titles I Can See For Miles and Tattoo.

Gilles Valiquette was 16 years old when he presented himself to the Autostade with friends. He had witnessed the concert of the Who at the Forum in Montreal.

“The Who was at the peak of their art, This was the best group that I had seen on the scene at this time. They were explosive and their sound, it was a never-before-seen. A hurricane of sound”, he says in the podcast interspersed with the songs of the artists who participated in this concert.

There is also a “playlist” of 61 songs with parts of the Who, the Troggs, Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels, the Ohio Express and The Haunted.

Frozen and amazed

Music lover, Gilles Lapointe, 15-year-old, left Granby with his friend Daniel, a fan of the Who.

“What I’ve seen, on this day, I don’t think I see reviewed, except with them again. It was really out of the ordinary. Pete Townshend, alone, insane, unimaginable. Drummer Keith Moon was exceptional and he played like a magician. It was stupid,” he know.

The Who had given a performance in the afternoon and a second in the evening when they have been faithful to their repetition.

“Keith Moon demolished his drums, Roger Daltrey took away pieces of the floor, and Pete Townshend fracassait his guitar into the amps during My Generation. John Entwistle continued to play bass as if nothing had happened. The people were frozen, stunned and astonished,” adds Gilles Lapointe, who came back completely stunned by this experience.

Built for Expo 1967, in the City of le Havre, near the Bonaventure expressway, the Autostade Montreal has become, until 1976, the home of the Montreal Alouettes. The place, which could accommodate 25,000 people, has received the visit of some artists, with Van Morrison, Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull, The Jackson 5, Gentle Giant and Pink Floyd.

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