The wife of a Canadian detained in China “disappointed” by the position of Justin Trudeau

L’épouse d’un Canadien détenu en Chine «déçue» de la position de Justin Trudeau

The wife of Michael Kovrig, one of two Canadians imprisoned in China, said it was “disappointed” that the prime minister Justin Trudeau has refused to consider an exchange of two Canadians against a part of the chinese giant Huawei, which is affected by an extradition process.

Mr. Trudeau has firmly rejected Thursday calls to intervene in the extradition process to the United States of the chief financial officer of Huawei, Meng Whanzou, in order to obtain the release of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

The prime minister stated that such a decision would endanger other Canadians in the world by showing that stopping “arbitrarily” as Canadians, we can influence their government.

“We cannot ensure the protection of Canadians in the future at the price of freedom Michael today,” retorted Vina Nadjibulla, the wife of Mr. Kovrig, in an interview with CTV that aired Sunday.

Out of this situation will have ” a cost “, she recognized in deploring the fact that at the present time, her husband and Mr. Spavor ” pay the highest price “. “I think Canadians understand that it is fundamentally unfair,” she said.

A debate has opened in Canada with the publication of a letter of a score of personalities calling for the government to return Meng Whanzou in China to obtain the release of the two Canadians.

Ms. Meng had been taken in December 2018 to Vancouver at the request of the United States who accuse him to have bypassed u.s. sanctions against Iran, and bank fraud. She is on supervised release in Vancouver during the extradition procedure.

Michael Kovrig, a former diplomat, and consultant and businessman Michael Spavor had been arrested a few days later. They have recently been formally charged with espionage.

Their detention is seen by the West as a retaliation to the arrest of Ms. Meng, this, that Beijing denies this regularly.

In a message posted Saturday on the website of its embassy in Ottawa, China reaffirmed that the two cases were ” totally different “.

For its part, Huawei Canada has supported the recent book of the former security adviser to Donald Trump, John Bolton, to assert Sunday that the u.s. president has always considered the arrest of Ms. Meng ” not as a question of justice “, but as a ” currency of exchange to negotiate a trade agreement with China and increase its chances of re-election “.

It “has placed the canadian government in an extremely difficult situation,” says Huawei Canada in a press release, calling upon ” the administration to Trump to immediately withdraw its charges against Meng Whanzou “.

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