The wife of a famous comedian was crippled by a serious illness, no doctor dared

Жену известного комика подкосила тяжелая болезнь, ни один врач не решался

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Ukrainian showman Vadim Michkovskiy, better known by his stage name Uncle George, first told to a wide audience of the serious illness of his wife Natalia.

According to the comedian, during the stay abroad, the woman lost consciousness. Further inspection found severe congenital cardiac disease – heart disease.

Usually heart disease is diagnosed more in children, but doctors disease wife’s uncle Zhora’s overlooked. Some of the heart problems the woman learned during the first pregnancy, but then the values that she did not pay.

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“When I found out about this diagnosis – scared for his wife. First, she was scared, I remember that tantrum. First the phone call, after she was released from the doctor, and we talked and soothed,” says Mickovski.

Жену известного комика подкосила тяжелая болезнь, ни один врач не решался

Uncle George, Instagram

Natalia was determined to need surgery, but it is not so easy. Surgical for treatment of heart disease usually done to children, but to make the operation a 34-year-old woman was decided not every doctor. In the end the pair managed to find competent specialists who undertook the patient.

The doctors were able to perform the surgery, she was saved.

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Recall that in Uncle Zhora pulled something personal: “the Question is, tries*RA”.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” popular actor James Norton has shocked fans with a confession: terminally ill.

Also “Znayu” I wrote 10 stars, which was not shattered even incurable diseases.


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