The wife of the Mortar, leading Polina Logunova Great hopes that Zelensky will be a servant of the people

Жена Ступки, ведущая Полина Логунова: Большие надежды на то, что Зеленский будет слугой народа

Polina Logunova has all chances to become a modern it-girl, in other words a style icon that will want to be, listen to her advice and follow the example. She has over 78 thousand followers on Instagram, most of them girls. Many know her as the wife of the Ukrainian actor Dmitry Stupka. The couple are raising a daughter to Bohdan. Before marriage, Pauline has distinguished himself as a model, host and DJ. Than just a girl in her 30 years not engaged! She is a vegetarian, keeps a healthy lifestyle and is already conducting paid seminars and trainings for those who want to lose weight and to be transformed. Most recently, Pauline returned to work on television. She was invited to become co-host the morning news program.

“Znayu” failed to communicate with Lagunovoi on one of the evening events, where she came after a hard work day.

Жена Ступки, ведущая Полина Логунова: Большие надежды на то, что Зеленский будет слугой народа

Polina Logunova for the gala premiere of Sahrani

Pauline, you are difficult to call “mother in the decree” would you rather sample selfmade woman – blog, seminars on weight loss, advise on diet, work in parallel with the stylist for hair in online sales. And recently you join a team of the leading TV channel “OUR”. In this case you have a husband, nebezizvestnoy actor Dmitry Stupka and two year old daughter Bogdana. How you do it and how did you come by this?

It probably depends on the inner desires. I am convinced that if a person wants, he can do anything. Now I get up at 3.30 in the night, today should be there before 11pm to work, and in this mode every day. So I try to balance: rest, sleep, leave the daughter for a couple of hours dad sleep during the day if possible, sometimes even in the car somewhere in the Parking lot.

You get to help a baby sitter?

We have a babysitter, Yes, it helps in that sense. Now the hard period of growth of teeth in a child, the transition from two years to three is hard. And even when I sleep – don’t sleep in the normal sense, because with a small child is hard to do.

Жена Ступки, ведущая Полина Логунова: Большие надежды на то, что Зеленский будет слугой народа

Polina Logunova – host of the morning program OUR wounds

Wake up early for morning broadcasts on the channel. Spend a lot of time to freshen up?

Yes, I need to do a full makeup. I do it myself on TV instead of make-up – why bother people if I can do it not worse. Within half an hour applying makeup is even more grim, because it is intense, then you hair, to change to read the text. All together it takes an hour at the time. With this makeup I go all day.

You are happy to return to television?

It’s like a new love, something exciting. I’ve been waiting for this moment!

Жена Ступки, ведущая Полина Логунова: Большие надежды на то, что Зеленский будет слугой народа

In 2016, Polina was the leading sports program

It is your first job in TV after retiring from TV channel “Football 1” where you have been a co-host in the project “the Great football” in the period of EURO 2016?

Yes. Quotas were not given anywhere to enter. And it was certainly hard. I am very grateful to everyone who has endorsed my candidacy for this wonderful chance! After all, look at the whole person. It’s the ratings of the channel, its status. There work smart, serious people. This is not a story about “Tits” and “lips.” This is a story about what you have to say something in the frame, speak with the experts from MPs. So I have no right to be “silly” to assume some “pakapi”: they are, of course, because I just join in this topic. But, nevertheless, it is very responsible, and I suffer much because of work and prepare a lot: read a lot about politics – I never thought that with this encounter! While stuck in traffic, watching all the political videos, all programs.

Жена Ступки, ведущая Полина Логунова: Большие надежды на то, что Зеленский будет слугой народа

Selfie during the broadcast

Critical of yourself? Revise their esters, analyze?

Analyze, but not always, because now I know – I can’t see, still there is a preparation period. I have a great team! There are people, including editors, who tell me about the mistakes I make. I have them for this insanely grateful! If I make a slip, they this point, and it is wonderful that they are openly talking about it. They do help.

You started to learn the Ukrainian language?

No, they don’t. I can’t think in that language. I’m all for leading said beautifully that it flowed. I feel more comfortable to speak Russian. I don’t really like it when you distort the Ukrainian language and in Russian and Belarusian. I don’t want to distort the Ukrainian language.

Жена Ступки, ведущая Полина Логунова: Большие надежды на то, что Зеленский будет слугой народа

You are originally from Belarus. It is true that in your country there are few who speak their native language?

Yes. You know, there’s more emphasis do, in the language of embroidery, on which want to see Ukraine. Each country for each citizen – is the pride of this homeland. But in this case, in my opinion, to focus on the language is the last thing you want to do.

And your parents speak Belarusian?

I wouldn’t say that. Somewhere in the family we, of course, speak Belarusian, but you know, this one did not become worse, not better. In the Ukrainian language, people can hate and call, and Vice versa. I am in favour in each country language to live. In Belarus, he lives there still, says some of the young people, there are some associations dedicated to the study of the Belarusian language. I am from Minsk, and we have throughout the city hung billboards with the Belarusian text, we also have quotas on the Belarusian language. Radio, television – all in Belarusian. But to say that the more this is said in common parlance – no. That this would become better people because just saying on the Belarusian – no. We have, for example, in Belarus is very narrow stage, and when they sing in the Belarusian – these songs no one’s listening, except those who sings them. But it’s still a business and the earnings of the people. I think so to put in the Belarus language the framework is weird because artists have nowhere to grow. Okay, Ukraine is huge, and here’s the other music: there are KAZKA and many other artists who sing in Ukrainian. Belarus is not so well known names.

Жена Ступки, ведущая Полина Логунова: Большие надежды на то, что Зеленский будет слугой народа

Polina Logunova with her husband, Dmytro Stupka

As a husband, Dmitri Stupka, responds to the fact that you have so much work? Dima is now rare in films – more can be seen on stage in the theater. There’s no competition or jealousy between you?

It is more a question for Dima. He knew “that took”. He knew that I would never be sitting at home that I will always grow – if he could take it, then of course we will go through life together. I’m going to help him, he was mine. The main thing – do not interfere. If I were an actress, I think there would be jealousy. If he at some point won’t accept my success, my schedule, or something else, as I would if he was more collected, then, of course, would be any problems. Here it is in the man – accept it or not?

Tell us a little about Bogdan. How does the daughter who is more like?

We say everything 50: 50. Someone on me, someone’s dad. Bodya loves to dance, to play. She’s very agile and active. She has a very clear voice that just breaks the membrane. She’s really artistic girl, and she has a very persistent character. I don’t break it now. I told her once concede more now. I understand, if I’m uncomfortable it categorical, in life she’s gonna need it.

Жена Ступки, ведущая Полина Логунова: Большие надежды на то, что Зеленский будет слугой народа

25 April Bogdan was 2 years old

Not afraid to romp?

No, she has no supernatural requests. Periodically, when she heavily flirted, she receives an educational lesson, but we have crazy love. I believe that Bohdan will surpass the entire family of Mortar, Logunovich and all the rest. She is very bright, and I will make every effort to that end.

Have you decided the housing problem? Were able to buy their homes?

Dima makes repairs in the apartment in which we live, I hope. It is necessary to buy another – we can say, in installments. Do not say Ho until they are hatched, but even the repair process continues, and it is a very large investment. While you’re waiting.

Жена Ступки, ведущая Полина Логунова: Большие надежды на то, что Зеленский будет слугой народа

Dima and Polina pleasure

You are now fully satisfied with his life?

I’m happy with my schedule. I want to develop more, I want more to enter into political themes. If I am in some small opinion leader for the people, to do something for their comfortable life. Since I work with women a lot, and the woman – the head of the family, as I believe, then I help them to deal with low self-esteem, bring some benefit.

If we talk about politics, how do you feel about political changes in the country? Vladimir Zelensky will soon take office of the President. How do you assess his way up from comedian, actor and leader of the Studio “Kvartal 95” to the winner of presidential elections in Ukraine?

Will tell you there if you focus on the fact that he was involved in acting, we must remember who became Governor of California at the time. Arnold Schwarzenegger has done a lot for his state. He resigned, though people wanted him to stay. Here’s an example of actor and bodybuilder. Tired of people from the policy that was in Ukraine. Every President that has come is just a new face, and the policy is still the same.

Жена Ступки, ведущая Полина Логунова: Большие надежды на то, что Зеленский будет слугой народа

Vladimir Zelensky – the newly elected President of Ukraine

Hopes that Zelensky will be a servant of the people. There are those who are against him. But the fact that he does not speak his position clearly, does not disclose its steps – it does not bother me. Many experts say, we’d like to hear what he will do next. And maybe I shouldn’t have. Talk less – do more. He is not a stupid man. Let’s wait and see. We can’t make. While what he’s doing – I like it. I like his humor. If it was not Zelensky, and, for example, Ivanov, but with the same humor – that would be interesting. Because sad faces, some fat, puffy muzzle that tell us “about chemo Ukraine-Nenko,” they do not inspire confidence. And here, at least, athletic, young, handsome, interesting man who becomes the head of the country. It’s beautiful to watch! As for his political education also complain – I think that learning to be a good person is harder than a good politician. I’m sure there are a lot of experts.

The family wasn’t kidding, maybe dime should go into politics?

I think I rather go there, than Dima, and I will represent my family in the Ministry of culture. For culture lot of work – a lot!

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