The Williams Method: Will Smith signs the role of his life as father of Venus and Serena Williams

The Williams Method trailer with Will Smith, currently in theaters Will Smith, is Richard Williams, father of tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams in The Williams Method currently in theaters. A golden role for the star of Men In Black and Bad Boys who invests body and soul in the interpretation of this father who conceived a plan in 78 pages so that his daughters become legends. While they weren't even born!

Venus and Serena Williams were bowled over by The Williams Method . They have seen their lives scroll on the big screen. The film tells through their father Richard (brilliant Will Smith) their journey to become tennis prodigies. From their childhood in the red light districts of Compton, California, to the most prestigious tournaments.

It's super moving. Every time I watch the movie, my eyes are wet. That way of showing the family atmosphere, that was really us, “, Venus said at the premiere last month in Los Angeles. “ Did we really do all of this? Sounds surreal,” added Serena. “We all became someone in the family. Will Smith takes the story to yet another level. It is a brilliant and authentic work. “

During their young years, the two sisters had to overcome racism, violence and social difficulties. This under the wing of their father determined to see them shine. Richard Williams had drawn up a 78-page plan describing the training of future champions when he knew nothing about tennis and his daughters were barely born!

 The Williams Method: Will Smith signs his life role as father of Venus and Serena Williams

Will Smith is Richard Williams.

I knew I wanted to show the world a father protecting his daughter like this.

Will Smith immediately recognized himself in this role of father totally devoted to his daughters. This performance echoes for him his relationship with his own children, Jaden and Willow. “ I knew I wanted to show the world a father protecting his daughter like this .”

The actor points out that < em> The Williams Method is not just a tennis movie for sports fans. Its impact is much greater. “It's not really a tennis movie – it's a movie about family, about trusting others, about love overcoming many obstacles. It is undoubtedly paradoxical, but here is a film which speaks about two tennis champions, among the most famous in the world, but whose tennis is only the sixth subject in order of importance. I have already made films on real characters and we realize that we do it first for the people we are talking about and their loved ones . “

How to become Richard Williams ?

Due to COVID, Will Smith was unable to spend as much time as planned with Venus and Serena Williams' father. But he studied his videos, his book, his television appearances. “ When I choose a role, I try to find what I have in common with the character ” Will Smith tells EW. “What brings me closer to Richard is that no one believed in me. Like no one believed in him. When you have such a huge dream and everyone keeps telling you that it is impossible, that you are a fool to persist, you get stronger. He and I refused to listen to others and held on. We couldn't do otherwise. It was vital and we were convinced we were right. For the role, I also drew on my relationship with my daughter Willow to understand the emotional journey of a young woman “.

A make-up artist and a prosthetist devoted themselves to the physical transformation of Will Smith. Originally, the actor had to use many more prostheses but it was finally decided to bring him the minimum of artificial touch-ups on the eyebrows and ears. “ So we made a few tiny changes to her face and the viewer probably won't even notice it.” explains the prosthetist. “ When we look at him, we are not dealing with a caricature. We see Richard whom Will has managed to embody in his own way” . For the actor, the accessory that allowed him to step into the skin of Richard Williams was … shorts! “ I don't know why, but in my eyes his tight fitting shorts were his tennis allure! It was his tight shorts and knee socks that allowed me to immerse myself in Richard's state of mind “.

Result, Will Smith finds with The Williams Method his best role for a long time. As for the film, it is touching, euphoric and a real success.

The Williams Method, currently in theaters.


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