“The wind in my hair – that’s my style”: coated Mogilev admired the photo without makeup

"Ветер в волосах - вот мой стиль": просветленная Могилевская  восхитила фото без макияжа

The Singer Natalia Mogilevskaya

Singer Natalia Mogilev 43 years, but she looks young and attractive. Recently, the singer decided to show off the natural beauty and showed a picture without makeup. Now Mogilev travels across India, and obviously, there is relaxed atmosphere to just be yourself. With no barriers. No frills.

Photo Mogilevskaya looks rested and peaceful. The singer admitted that more than anything, loves freedom and naturalness. Natalia takes a break from a busy tour schedule, and the excessive attention of the paparazzi. In India, it is not so star – just a woman on vacation alone. Mogilev is enjoying this condition, which is very evident in her photos.

Earlier we wrotethat the famous Ukrainian singer and producer Natalia Mogilev, which was involved in the project “League of Laughter”, is often shared with fans the news of his life and work in Instagram. Recently, we were told that the artist radically changed her image, now she boasted a remarkable achievement. As it turned out, on the page of Natasha in Instagram has already signed up 900 thousand followers, and soon there will be a million.

As reported “Znayu” Mogilev in a strange outfit had a little fun with a young guy on stage.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that in Mogilev no underwear showed “final room”.


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