The window of a café in montreal’s broken… for a mask

A man violently smashed the glass door of a café in montreal Thursday afternoon after he refused to wear his mask mandatory in the establishment.

“As he did not want to put a mask on, I refused to serve him. It began with me screaming insults and when he came out, he smashed the window with his fist, ” says Jonathan Merchant, barista at Atomic Cafe, on Ontario street, in the district of Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

Thursday afternoon, a client who seemed to have a period of forty years, and that Mr. Merchant had never seen entered the trade.

But as he was not wearing a mask, an employee of the café asked the individual to cover the face. The situation is quickly exacerbated.

“He didn’t want to put it on and asked me why he had to [do it]. I told him that it was the law, and that otherwise, it was up to us to pay the fine, ” adds Mr Marchand.

The owners of enclosed public are exposed to fines ranging up to $ 6000 if they accept clients who do not wear mask.

For its part, Karine Poirier, who is a regular customer, has been a witness of the scene that is ” passed really quickly, in just a few seconds “.

Sitting right next to the front door, she had a ringside seat to see the loss of control.


“I don’t think his intention was to break the glass, but he gave a big blow and the glass has exploded,” says Ms. Poirier.

According to her, ” the guy looked a little unstable, he was looking for confrontation “.

The man took the leakage current, refers, as to him, the employee of the coffee. These are customers from the nearby bar, The public Space, which have called on the police service, ” he says.

This is the first time that the employees of the place are facing this situation.

Since the reopening of the establishment, they have had no problem with the customer relatively to the mask, he assured Mr. Merchant.

“We often remind people to put their mask from time to time, and everyone respects that,” he explains.

A glazier went on the scene quickly to replace the glass panel broken.

For Martin Pelletier, co-owner of the Atomic Cafe, ” it was surely a person who had a bad day “. He also claims not to have filed a complaint with the authorities.

On Thursday, the police Department of the City of Montreal was unable to provide the slightest information about this event.

Not the only champion

Last week, a brawl broke out in a bus 48 West of the Société de transport de Montréal, after a man refused to wear his mask.

Two weeks earlier, police in Montreal have arrested a man who refused to leave a Tim Hortons so that it is required that he wears his mask.

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