The winner of “Dancing with the stars” cat struck by an unexpected truth about Rizatdinova: “it’s Amazing that she reached the finals…”

Победитель "Танцев со звездами" Кот поразил неожиданной правдой о Ризатдиновой: "Удивительно, что она дошла до финала..."

Eugene the cat, photo screenshot from youtube

today, 10:32

The winner of the show “dancing with the stars” Eugene the cat admitted that the organizers offered him a pair of Olympic champion Anna Rizatdinova, but he refused and chose actress Ksenia Mishina. In the “Glory” he explained why he made this choice.

The actor admitted that never worked 14 ethers, a lot of innovations that are difficult to make. For example, the final broadcast was always 3 dances. And now was 2 old 4 dances and battle for the Cup…

“Xenia is another. Her look on camera – very different. Her life experience is quite different, she has a child,” said the cat.

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The actor admitted that this season of dancing did not really want to participate. Evgeny kot said that he has his own view on what should be the partner for which the audience will be ready to vote.

He didn’t believe that Anna Rizatdinova will be actively accepted by the public and she will be able to show not only good technique, but also cool emotions. What Rizatdinova reached the final, had defeated him.

Победитель "Танцев со звездами" Кот поразил неожиданной правдой о Ризатдиновой: "Удивительно, что она дошла до финала..."

“Actually, for me it is strange that she reached the final. Despite the dancing, because it is, in principle, the show is not about dance, but about people. Good for her… Remember last year, Anita Lutsenko… Everything was great, danced well, why leave? The sport prevents you to open what’s inside you and give it… seems to Me to communicate with the audience is more important than the heart, than just to put my leg up,” said Eugene cat.

However, Eugene the cat admitted that when he was sharing partners, it was interesting to dance with Rizatdinova.

Recall that Ostapchuk left “dancing with the stars” for step-up finals.

As reported by the portal Znaia the famous choreographer, member of the jury of “Dancing with the stars,” 90-year-old Grigory Chapkis has shown that he is not subject to age.

Also Znayu wrote, Kravets of “95 Quarter” left “Dancing with the stars.”


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