The winner of Eurovision 2004 Ruslana stood up for Go_A: “My authenticity”

Победительница Евровидения 2004 Руслана заступилась за Go_A: "Моя родная аутентика"

Collage: Ruslana and a group of Go_A

today, 19:22

The first ever Ukrainian winner of the Eurovision song contest in 2004 Ruslan expressed his opinion about the group Go_Athat will represent our country at the song contest in Rotterdam.

Go_A won the National selection for Eurovision 2020, but has faced a wave of negativity in social networks. Ruslan Know in the comments.ia said that he considers futile attempts of critics to involve the group in scandals.

Победительница Евровидения 2004 Руслана заступилась за Go_A: "Моя родная аутентика"

Ruslan, photo: press service of the singer

According to the singer, Go_A is a worthy choice.

“They are very good. I loved their authenticity, – Ruslan admitted. – This year sort of tried to stir up scandal and, Thank God, was not Taskala. The impression is that people gather some negativity, dissatisfaction from life, and they needed a reason to drain it somewhere. Only at the Eurovision song contest ignited a scandal, all at once begin to attack the contestants and each other. I have peace that this year there were no major scandals around the Eurovision song contest, as it was last year. I am calm, what a good band, a great project, my own authenticity, the style of singing. I’m happy.”

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Speech Go_A in the final national selection for Eurovision 2020

Ruslan added that he appealed to his audience in social networks.

“I called on supporters in social networks to be active: like, support, follow and add strength Go_A that the team felt the support, she said.

In addition, the star praised the band’s name: “Good, I like it. This is a creative”.

Победительница Евровидения 2004 Руслана заступилась за Go_A: "Моя родная аутентика"

Go_A, photo: Facebook group

Recently on the YouTube channel Go-A – topic has a new video in which the song features sounds of a slightly different arrangement, and that the review began a new wave of Haight.

Netizens raskritikoval new version of the song and encouraged the group to sing at the Eurovision song contest the first option, which they performed in the national selection.

We will remind, Ruslan spoke about the work of the government relative to energy independence of Ukraine. She has many years encourages everyone to move to clean energy sources, so active actions in this direction are expected from the new government.

In addition, Ruslan shared his impressions about the shooting of the new video on the wind turbine at an altitude of 120 metres.

“This can only be compared or with the free fall when you jump with a rope – bungee jumping, or skydiving. And even then, you’re flying, and it’s only a moment, and we spent three days on the turbine a height of 120 meters. So we stick with that height, I was so natural in the sky. It be magic”, – admitted the actress.

Also Know Agency reported, how was the final of national selection for Eurovision 2020. Read about the triumph Go_A, hysterical KHAYAT and second marriage of Tina Karol.

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