The winner of “the Bachelor” became a victim of speculators, “He’s a gigolo!!!”

Победительница "Холостяка" стала жертвой аферистов: "Он альфонс!!!"

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The winner of the first season of the show “the Bachelor” Alexander Shulgin, told how he was caught in the trap of scammers in the United States.

Alexander Shulgin, which in the final chose Maksim Chmerkovsky became a victim of swindlers. The case even went to trial.

Years after the project she moved to live in America, where it got a nasty surprise.

My story, the girl shared on the page in Facebook. An unpleasant incident occurred in the summer of 2019.

“1 June, I rented a shelter at a certain Sergei Bobenko (in America he calls himself Adam Vays). I gave his mother Lora Vays amount of the rent and a Deposit of$ 1000. I could not think that I throw your, because I know the civil husband Sergei, Katya Abramkina. And Serezha’s mom – Laura, long time worked as a teacher in my 117 school”, – told Shulgin.

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However, according to her, the “owners” of housing regularly broke into her apartment without her knowledge and asked for money for made-up violations. The girl turned to the local Sheriff and learned that the actions of the Bobenko – illegal.

After that, she allegedly tried to evict, however, on the side Shulgina was American law. The girl managed to defend their right to stay, however, she began to receive threatening messages from Bobenko.

Unable to withstand the pressure, the girl went to court. According to her, Bobenko and his mother opened a criminal case. In addition, according to Shulgina, he also engaged in fraud in Ukraine.

“If you know Sergei Bobenko and his mother – beware ! These people are scammers and liars. He is a gigolo posing as a businessman. I have made inquiries – he has nothing. And he lives in the USA to the RFP grandmother + for $, which throws”, – said the girl.

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