The winner of the show “the Bachelor 9”: named for the name

Find out who chose Nikita Dobrynin at the end of the show “the Bachelor 9”

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Победительница шоу "Холостяк 9": названо имя

Who won “the Bachelor 9” with Nikita Dobrynin

The final show “the Bachelor 9” was held Friday, may 24. The issue turned out to be quite eventful and emotional. Let’s note, have reached the final two girls – Dasha and Lily. In the 12th issue of reality, both showed their dissatisfaction with the communication of Nikita Dobrynin with the other participants.

Lily demonstrated their obstinacy and at times confusion – in the moments when it was necessary to exercise responsibility. Dasha, in turn, behaved quite restrained, but only she knows that really she was thinking in critical situations.

Победительница шоу "Холостяк 9": названо имя

The finalists of the Bachelor 9 Dora and Lily

In spite of everything, the Bachelor decided to spend time in the room as Dasha and Lily. With the first girl they went to Jacuzzi, the second Nikita decided to have a massage, which soon escalated into something more.

Bachelor long pondered and made the decision, but in the end of the show made their choice.

The winner of the show “the Bachelor 9” began Daria.

Find out interesting facts about the beloved Nikita Dobrynin – Dasha.

Note, Lily believes that Nikita Dobrynin was a coward and really doesn’t want a serious relationship, just didn’t pick her.

Today.Lifestyle is also told, how was the final 9th season of the show “the Bachelor.”

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