The winter of our snowbirds: re-equipping for the winter season is expensive

The winter of our snowbirds: re-equipping for the winter season is expensive

Winter is expensive for snowbirds who had to re-equip themselves from A to Z to survive the cold season.

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“We no longer had winter boots, coats, winter tires. Usually, we spend the winter in short pants. We “got dressed”. This is where we realize that it is expensive in winter. It’s not too long that we reach a couple of thousand dollars in spending, ”shared André Larrivée, who generally spends six months in Florida.

Only for the rent, Mr. Larrivée estimates that he will have to pay nearly $ 8,000 for a fully furnished 41⁄2 for six months in Lévis. Mr. Larrivée no longer has a home in Quebec. Like many others, in the summer he lives in his trailer and in the winter he lives in his house in Florida.

Accommodation costs are a big expense for snowbirds who are extending their stay in the fold due to COVID-19.

François Bouffard, project rental manager for Société immobilière Bélanger de Québec, had to deal with snowbirds in search of a nest for the winter.

“With the pandemic we have had a lot of snowbirds approaching us. For example, if I take ilo Saint-Jean in Quebec, in general, they took 31⁄2, which they pay on average between $ 1,400 to $ 1,800 per month. It includes everything except bedding, ”said Bouffard.

Long list of expenses

Once they have a roof over their heads, the expense doesn’t end there. The experts at Pneus Ratté have compiled a list of things to plan for in order to adapt their vehicle for winter.

Let’s say that the roads in Florida do not suffer the same damage as the roads in Quebec. Just think of the salt and the machinery used for snow removal.

So, for winter tires, which are mandatory, you have to plan on average $ 800, including installation. That’s without counting the snow brush, winter wipers, rocking and anti-rust treatment.

Warm from head to toe

What else? We don’t go very far in winter in short breeches and t-shirts. You have to dress.

Advisors from the outdoor clothing department at Magasin Latulippe estimate that to guarantee a warm and dry “beautiful winter”, it costs on average between $ 350 and $ 450 for a warm coat and $ 200 for boots. isolated. This does not take into account the mittens, the toque and the scarf.

“Winter costs more in Quebec than in Florida! In Florida, everything is cheaper. We just take gasoline, refuel here, it’s $ 75. Over there it costs me $ 40 [pour une Murano], when it is quite empty. A bottle of wine is $ 5. The grocery store is cheaper. Even with the exchange rate, it’s still cheaper there, ”says Mr. Larrivée.

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