The Witcher is she really the new Game of Thrones ?

The Witcher est-elle vraiment la nouvelle Game of Thrones ?

The Witcher is she really the new Game of Thrones ?

Season 1 of The Witcher has just been posted on Netflix, but it is already time to pose the ultimate question : is it the new Game of Thrones ? If this question deserves reflection, its creators have already responded.

A few days of Christmas, Netflix gave us a nice gift by uploading the season 1 of The Witcher, his new fantasy series adapted from the saga literature of Andrzej The and worn by Henry Cavill. A license is very important for the platform – to the point of having already renewed for a season 2, which hopes to take advantage of its success in the world (books, video games) to make this series a worthy successrice of Game of Thrones.

The Witcher as strong as Game of Thrones ?

An ambition that is very strong on the part of Netflix, also shared by Lauren Schmidt, the showrunner of The Witcher. “My god, I hope we can be as popular and have the same success as Game of Thrones. Why do would we not ? In my opinion, Game of Thrones has opened a lot of doors for the appearance of the fantasy at the tv, “said she, in particular, entrusted to Digital Spy.

According to the explanation of Lauren Schmidt, without Game of Thrones, there would probably be no The Witcher today : “I think there was a time, fantasy was seen as something belonging to a niche, mostly male, geeks and nerds. And then Game of Thrones has said, ‘no, anyone can find themselves in the fantasy. Because, when done correctly, it is a perfect representation of our world“.

Two different sets

That being said, don’t go and look Game of Thrones in The Witcher. Despite the urge to take over in the world of fantasy tv, Tomasz Baginski (producer), for his part, recalled : “at the same time, The Witcher is really different. That is totally different. Yes, Game of Thrones was absolutely incredible. It was great to watch and was an excellent series. But what we did with The Witcher, this is something else. There is not really room for comparison“.

He reassures himself, there is room for both series in our hearts.

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