The Witcher season 1 : the technical extreme of Henry Cavill to prepare for the scenes topless

The Witcher saison 1 : la technique extrême d'Henry Cavill pour se préparer pour les scènes torse nu

The Witcher season 1 : Henry Cavill shirtless, he suffered to be on the top

Yes, Henry Cavill is sexier than ever in season 1 of The Witcher, online since 20 December on Netflix. Despite its transformation (hello, the wig), the actor puts eyeful, especially when a few scenes where he appears bare-chested. As he has given, he has not done things by half to be on the top of the screen. Check out his technique you won’t reproduce at home !

It is the success of the time on Netflix ! Season 1 of The Witcher bewildered subscribers, becoming the second most seen in France in 2019 in just a few days. Its fantastic, its actors, cannons, and its combat scenes impressive have fascinated the viewers. Good news, the series will be back for a season 2. What in-take of new full eyes !

Henry Cavill is deprived of water for his scenes bare

In order to play Geralt of Riv, Henry Cavill has obviously had to prepare in order to ensure during the fight scenes, choreographed by a former star of Game of Thrones. The actor is accustomed to, as he has already played Superman at the cinema ! But in addition to being put in danger because of the lenses he was wearing, it was also very far away to be at the top when he removed the top. During the promotion of the series, Henry Cavill has revealed his technique to the extreme and quite dangerous to bring out his muscles : it has reduced its water consumption and has even gone so far as to not drink at all the day before and the day of shooting scenes bare-chested.

This is the worst part of it. Go on a diet, this is complicated and you have all the time hungry. But when you déshydrates for three days, you get to a point where, on the last day, you can almost feel when there’s water around you,” confided the star of 36 years at the Graham Norton Show. A technique dangerous not to test but that seems to have been proven in the actor.

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