The Witcher season 2 : a sequel ? Henry Cavill wants to play Geralt “for several years”

The Witcher saison 2 : une suite ? Henry Cavill veut jouer Geralt "pendant plusieurs années"

The Witcher season 2 : a sequel ? Henry Cavill wants to play Geralt “for several years”

You liked the season 1 of The Witcher ? Henry Cavill also. The actor has revealed, he is such a fan of the series and Geralt – the character, that he is already ready for a season 2 and wants to continue to play that role “for many years”. Attention spoilers.

The role of a lifetime for Henry Cavill

The press in the USA is perhaps not very nice with The Witcher – which annoys some of the creative, but that didn’t stop Henry Cavill – the interpreter of Geralt, to see far with the series. Questioned by First, the actor, fan number 1 of this universe, has in effect confessed to be ready to embody this character for many seasons.

I would be ready to play Geralt for several years. If the series is renewed, I could forego a lot of things to continue the series, because I love this story, I love this character,” he stated, in particular, up to declare, “This is my dream job ! So obviously, I rempilerais without batting an eyelid for other seasons“.

A character exciting to play

Henry Cavill was then unveiled, Geralt represents a lot of things for him, and is proving to be especially great to wear : “It is someone of impenetrable at first sight. But it also has a sense of humor, fairly scathing, and a vision of the world very dark. And all this combined makes a character exciting to play as.” Bad news for Superman ? Perhaps, but a very good one for fans of this adaptation of the saga’s literary Andrzej The.

While the world was in the lack of a universe of fantasy and exciting characters, dark but fascinating since the end of Game of Thrones, the actor has also revealed how Geralt and The Witcher were perfect to console us : “For me, Geralt is a true white Knight. It really is a good man. He would like to be this hero, but the world and the people around him push him to be something else. Suddenly, he has this sensitive side buried in the depths of him, completely covered by this outer appearance is very hard, very cold.”

Henry Cavill can smile, Netflix has already renewed the series for a season 2, he will find very soon the beautiful wig of Geralt. Merry Christmas !

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