The Witcher : should we watch the series for Netflix with Henry Cavill ?

The Witcher : faut-il regarder la série de Netflix avec Henry Cavill ?

The Witcher : should we watch the series with Henry Cavill ?

Christmas is coming and Netflix has thought of all those who have time before them to pose in front of their tv : it starts this Friday, December 20, season 1, The Witcher, fantasy series adapted from a series of novels already adapted into video games. PRBK was able to see 5 of the 8 episodes. Then, one mate or it zaps ? Check out our opinion

Henry Cavill is back on the small screen. We tend to forget, but before donning the cape of Superman, the british actor known to tv in the series The Tudors. This time, he played a Witcher completely badass in The Witcher.

The essential

Created by : Lauren Schmidt Hissrich
With : Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, Anya Chalotra, Johdi May, and Bjorn Hlynur.
Format : 8 one-hour episodes.
Dissemination : all the episodes are available on Netflix this Friday, December 20.

The pitch

Geralt de Riv is a Witcher. Lonely and withdrawn, he has the powers and hunting the monsters. Difficult for him to find his place in a world where he himself is regarded as a curious animal. His destiny is going to switch at an astonishing meeting that will remodel…

The trailer of The Witcher with Henry Cavill


Before becoming a series, The Witcher has already lived well. Originally, it is a saga of literary published in France under the title The Witcher written by Polish Andrzej The which contains 6 novels and several story collections published between 1990 and 2003. But Geralt of Riv is also the hero of a series of video games, the first having been published in 2007. Suffice to say that this adaptation in the series was the most awaited by all aficionados. And for the others, those who have no knowledge of ? It will take time to clear severe to be able to let this rich universe !

Because The Witcher is not so accessible as this. From the first episode, we find ourselves immersed in the heart of the matter and the uninitiated – like us – can get quickly drowned in the flood of information. Worse, the series seems to be fun to turn the audience crazy with a plot fuzzy for reasons that we unfortunately do not have the right to share with you. You often had the impression of being a little screwed up with shortcuts scriptwriting which divert and advance the action far too quickly and without explanation to a net. What spoil a bit our pleasure.

The Witcher , however, has a lot of qualities. Starting with its action scenes, extremely well choreographed and conducted by Henry Cavill of the most badass. These sword fights bloody have something to rival Game of Thrones and shock the most sensitive. Visually, the series keeps his bet and puts eyeful. So many of the qualities that unfortunately does not allow to forget the many faults of the series.

In short : The Witcher could have been our new addiction serial. Unfortunately, the series has lost along the way by proposing a scenario much too blurry and that is going much too fast. What big problems does not diminish its visual achievements, but even Henry Cavill does not seem to be able to save the furniture. Too bad…

The Witcher : faut-il regarder la série de Netflix avec Henry Cavill ?

Our opinion on The Witcher

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