The withdrawal of Britain from the EU could be postponed for two years

Выход Британии из ЕС могут отложить на два года

Brexit will take at least 30 June.The output of the United Kingdom from the European Union may be postponed for up to two years. This possibility was discussed by members of the British government, reports the with reference to UKRINFORM.

Brexit will take at least 30 June if the Prime Minister Theresa may will convince deputies of the house of Commons to support next week the agreement reached with Brussels a cooperation agreement.

However, if the agreement on the terms Brexit will reject a third time. withdrawal from the EU, as noted by may, will take on a “longer” period of time

The deputies of the Parliament of great Britain did not support the decision that the withdrawal of Britain from the EU took place without an agreement.

This decision of the Parliament does not exclude British exit from the EU, but this means that MPs will now have the opportunity to vote a reprieve Brexit.

This vote will take place on Thursday, and if this option is adopted, and the EU agree with him, the Kingdom will not come from the EU, as planned, on 29 March 2019.

As you know, the British Parliament again rejected the proposed head of the British government, Theresa may and agreed with the EU version of the agreement on Brexit. Against the agreement voted 391 MP, votes “for” gave 242.


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