The woman called the police because of the proteins, which “asked” for help

The details of this story law enforcement officers have shared on Facebook

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Женщина вызвала полицию из-за белки, которая "просила" о помощи

In the US protein “asked” the woman to save the baby

On 20 September the police Department of the city of Pulaski, located in the U.S. state of Virginia, received a call from a woman named TIA Powell. She reported that near Kiwanis Park squirrel with a damaged foot needs help. The story of the law enforcement officers shared in Facebook.

Женщина вызвала полицию из-за белки, которая "просила" о помощи

Squirrel asked the woman to save her wounded cub

“I ran up to the squirrel and pulled my leg. I followed the animal and found a squirrel with an injured paw,” – said the woman in comments for publications Independent.

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Powell also noted that near hid a cat who at any moment could attack the protein. Then she called a friend in the police station. Arrived at the police handled the squirrel’s paw and helped the animals to climb the tree.

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“We would like to thank TIA and her friend Jasmine! If TIA didn’t listen to instinct, it could have ended very differently,” – said representatives of the police of Pulaski.

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