The woman revealed an unusual strategy to escape from the coronavirus: photo

Gemma reed is confident that this plan will help her “to hold out for 12 months”

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32-year-old Gemma Reid from Australia was so excited about the emergency situation with the coronavirus that has decided to prepare food stocks for the year ahead, not to go out and not Contracting the disease. According to estimates women, food and medicines to her enough to a family to last a full 12 months. About it writes the edition

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“We have about 50 kg of rice and 50 kg of lentils – our five pantries full. I’m not paranoid, I do not think that the coronavirus will lead to some irreparable consequences, but when you have three kids at home, “too safe” will never happen,” says Gemma Reid.

Женщина раскрыла необычную стратегию спасения от коронавируса: фото

At the moment in Australia there were only 23 cases of infection COVID. However, Reid is confident that canned food, medicines, water filters, camping gear, vegetable seeds, first aid kits, dog food and even a weapon will help her family to survive even in the most adverse conditions.

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In addition, Gemma and her husband were specially developed survival skills in the wild. Now they know how the means at hand to treat the wound and how to stop the bleeding. And if most of the “plan” family Reid seems excessive, they are sure: it is better to be prepared than sorry.

Женщина раскрыла необычную стратегию спасения от коронавируса: фото

Coronavirus is a disease that is transmitted from person to person. Its symptoms are fever, fatigue and cough. Most of the infections occurred in China, the first in the city of Wuhan. Cases of infection have also been recorded in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, USA, Germany, Australia and other countries.

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