The woman suddenly became rich thanks to the liver

A resident of the USA, claims to have won by buying a fortune cookie

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Женщина неожиданно разбогатела благодаря печенью

American woman won the lottery thanks to the liver with the prediction

American named Fund of the Smith-Davis from the city of Lee’s Summit, Missouri won a large sum of money in the lottery by accident, according to UPI.

Woman claims to have won, having bought a fortune cookie. She went to eat with my son in a cafe. There she was treated to this delicacy. “I don’t usually play the lottery, but the message in the cookie read: “Play and win”, says Fund. Then I thought, “Why not?”.

American studied the lottery website and decided to participate in four lotteries. In the end, the ticket Gold Rush, which Smith-Davies purchased for five dollars, brought her a prize in 50 thousand dollars. “My son screamed so loud,” added the woman.

Smith-Davis plans to spend the prize money on down payment for a house.

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