The women of the revival

Les femmes de la relance

The prime minister François Legault has been stung to the quick, this week, when the liberal Hélène David criticized the absence of women in the committee of economic recovery brought by his government.

The exchange turned sour and ended with a “shame on you” started off by Mr. Legault, the intention of the head of liberal Dominique Anglade.

In effect, the prime minister has indeed shown, in the past, a sensitivity to the place of women in politics and in our society in general.

The reproach, however, was beautiful and well founded. Caught in the eye of the cyclone, during the formation of the said committee, it is possible that his advisors have forgotten a few fundamental references of the policy.

However, it is not too late to take it back.

No representative

In a crisis situation, we always think of women, but it should also consider when it is a question of stimulus, argued recently, and rightly so, the ex-mayor and facilitator Caroline Saint-Hilaire, in an interview with Qub radio.

Certainly, the government caquiste is not representative of women in its economic team ministerial weakness that was highlighted during the formation of the council of ministers. In previous governments, many women have occupied key positions in the field.

But there is nothing to prevent even Mr. Legault added to the committee of the heads strong like Genevieve Guilbault, vice-first minister, or Sonia LeBel, minister of Justice.

Then, if the prime minister wanted to form a group only with politicians, specialists in economy and finance, he may also have recourse to a woman from québec’s business environment, an entrepreneur, a manager experienced and could provide an image more sharp.

Women must after all be part of what constitutes the most important economic recovery in Québec’s history.

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