The WordPress Maintenance

Companies create their own websites on the WordPress platform very often. It is popular action due to the easy use of owners and portal visitors. But sometimes a WordPress plugin should be updated to make it working better and giving new opportunities for business process.

Before you start working on this platform you need to learn what it is in reality.


The Technical Maintenance


The maintenance mode is a good little option integrated into the core. It is in the 3.0 program`s version. Every time a plugin, a theme or a WordPress installation are being improved, the visitors of online-platform get a technical maintenance notification. The website will work regularly as soon as the process is completed.

Some internal processes can slow down while upgrading and installation. Usually it takes only few seconds depends of the amount of installing upgrades. During this time the platform is using wp maintenance option and creating a temporary file on your website containing the problem`s notification. As soon as upgrading work is done the temporary file is self-destructed. The portal will work in the previous mode.


A portal is still in the maintenance mode: what to do


It is common thing that WordPress based online-platforms can stay in a maintenance mode for a long time. And a negative influence on an admin panel and a server is a result. Then it is impossible to log into a WordPress, and the site does not work properly – the users see a maintenance notification solely.

Usually it happens if a conflict occurs and a maintenance file is not deleted because there is no command of its completion or upgrading. It occurs if a visitor tries to upgrade the components manually too fast. But the platform begins to upgrade step by step and even a delay for one millisecond can cause a conflict.


How to Solve a Problem


Sure you can try to fix this breakdown by yourself if it is happening. But it is much better to call specialists as an Alex Belov company. They diagnose your internet-platform regularly and find and warn any defect. Thus it is going to be trouble free.

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