The words of Edith Cochrane have skinned the city of La Sarre

Dith Cochrane’s remarks scorched the town of La Sarre


Poverty, crowds, homelessness, flies and a lot of action on the first of the month, the MRC Abitibi-Ouest and the City of La Sarre did not really like the comments made by Édith Cochrane during the radio show Anything can happen on ICI Radio-Canada. 

Invited by the host Marie-Louise Arsenault, on March 18, to present the city of La Sarre, where she grew up, the actress, host and director indicated, specifying that she was not there set foot for a very long time, that the place was quite quiet, with wide streets and not much action.

“Unfortunately, when I went back, I had a bit of sadness. There is a lot of action when the first of the month arrives. There's a lot of poverty, homelessness and crowds,” she said.

She also said there were flies and lots of nature and lakes.

“The skies of Abitibi are wonderful. The sky is unlike any sky I have seen elsewhere. There is space and it is good for mental health,” she added.

An invitation

The people of the MRC Abitibi-Ouest and the City of La Sarre wanted, in a press release shared Thursday, to rectify the comments made by Édith Cochrane by specifying that this territory was booming economically, attractive and welcoming.

“It is so far from the reality of the many jobs we are experiencing, the development of a multitude of projects and the vitality of our communities. The City of La Sarre, like the entire territory of the MRC Abitibi-Ouest, has much more to offer than black flies,” said, with a touch of humour, Jaclin Bégin, Warden of the MRC Abitibi-Ouest. West.

A letter was sent to Édith Cochrane inviting her to come and meet the prefect of the MRC and the mayor of La Sarre to see the dynamism that animates the city and the entire region.< /p>

“We hope that she will respond positively to our invitation to discover our city and all of Abitibi-Ouest from a new angle. We are a territory rich in nature, rich in its quality of life, rich in its people and rich in its opportunities. It will be a great opportunity for her to reconnect with the black flies and once again enjoy the magnificent skies of our beautiful region,” added the mayor of La Sarre, Yves Dubé.

Le Journal contacted the actress, host and director, to find out if she intended to accept this invitation, but she preferred not to comment.