The world déconfinement: Quebec little severe for the masks

Le monde en déconfinement: le Québec peu sévère pour les masques

Marie-Christine Trottier and
Jean-François Gibeault

As of Monday, wearing a mask will be mandatory in all public transport in Quebec. But the City of Montreal has already announced that it will go further by imposing it also in all enclosed public places as of July 27. A decision that is likely to extend to all of Québec, as the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, discussed openly. Draconian measures ? Not really. When compared to many other countries, one notes that the quebec authorities have waited before imposing the wearing of the mask. Our Office of investigation you will present a portrait of the guidelines that govern the wearing of a covering-face across the world.

Port mandatory throughout the country

South africa

The South Africans must put on a mask since the beginning of may when they are in a public place. People who don’t comply are not allowed to use public transportation or enter a public building. The stores can also refuse to let a client who refuses to wear one.


The chilean population is forced to wear the mask in enclosed areas where there are more than 10 people since April 17. It is mandatory in public transit across the country since 6 April. Fines up to over $ 4000 can be given to offenders.


Spain has introduced the wearing of mask required may 21, for all of its citizens 6 years of age and older. The Spaniards must wear when they are out in public, and that the distance of two meters can not be respected. Fines of more than $ 150 can be given to people who do not have a cover face on the public highway or in closed places.


Everywhere in Italy, the mask is mandatory in shops, public transport and restaurants, when customers are not sitting at the table. Some regions, such as Lombardy, where the COVID-19 was hit particularly hard, forced to wear the mask as soon as you leave your home.


Since 7 April, all those who go out in public should have a mask. Those who do not comply with this rule may be up to three months in prison or pay a fine equivalent to $ 180. Some of the trams are decorated with masks, giants in the framework of awareness-raising campaigns.


The cover face is mandatory in public transport, in supermarkets and hair salons and in high traffic areas such as public procurement. In addition, in most large cities, the wearing of the mask to the outside of the house is downright mandatory. Fines equivalent to $ 175 a can be given if people do not comply with the instructions.

Port mandatory in certain cities or provinces


The German chancellor Angela Merkel has recommended wearing a mask in public transport and to shops when she announced the measures déconfinement in mid-April. However, the guidelines vary from one State to the other. In Berlin for example, it is compulsory, but no penalty is given. While in Bavaria, all citizens who do not follow the guidelines are subject to fines ranging from 230 $ to 7000 $ for some workers.


The public health Agency of Canada recommends wearing a mask in public places where the detachment physics is difficult. There is no obligation on the scale of the countries, except for Transport Canada that requires all passengers of a commercial flight to be hidden.

The government Legault has recently announced that the cover face will be mandatory in public transport, anywhere in Quebec starting Monday.

Since Tuesday, in Toronto, the use of the mask is mandatory in all indoor public places.

In Montreal, mayor Valerie Plant has announced that as of 27 July, the mask will be mandatory in all enclosed public places. The City of Côte-Saint-Luc, on the island of Montreal, had already made mandatory the wearing of masks in the shops from 1st July.

United States

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that since the end of April wearing a mask in public when the separation physical is not possible. However, this is not a requirement. Some States, like Texas, have recently imposed the covers-face in public, in front of the dramatic surge in new cases of COVID-19.


Some indian States have made mandatory the wearing of mask in public, whether in shops, public transport or places of work. In some States, offenders may have fines very salty up to $ 180 or even go to jail.


Several cities have imposed the wearing of the mask, but there is no point for the whole country. The citizens of the metropolis of Mexico city are forced to wear one, however no fine is provided for those who do not follow the instructions. In other States, such as Toluca, it is more severe. It imposes fines of up to $ 150 and the offenders can go to jail for 23 hours.

United Kingdom

Since the 15th of June, the inhabitants of England should wear a mask when they use public transport. Travelers may be denied access to their means of transportation if they refuse to wear one, or will have to pay fines up to more than $ 150.

Scotland, for its part, goes a little further : since Friday, the residents will have to cover not only mandatory the mask in public transport, but also in all the shops.


Since 12 may, the citizens of Moscow are obliged to have a mask and gloves in public. This includes public transport, shops and offices. This measure has been in place since the beginning of the déconfinement, announced at the national level by president Vladimir Putin. The rule mask does not apply, however, only in a few cities.

Port mandatory in some public places


Since may 11, the mask is mandatory in the public transportation system for all users of 11 years or more. Fines of $ 200 are dealt to the offenders.

The cover face is advisable in the street and in the shops, it is not mandatory, however.

The port mask is only suggested


The australian authorities do not recommend wearing a mask if people do not feel sick, since the transmission rate of the community of the COVID-19 remains low. However, some australian cities have seen outbreaks in the past few days, reviving the debate on the cover-face in certain public places.


The president Jair Bolsonaro has been declared positive, the COVID-19 just after having relaxed its decree for the wearing of the mask. After you have removed the articles of the law that made mandatory the use of the cover-face in shops, factories, and places of worship, it has used its right of veto this week to remove the requirement to wear the mask in prisons.


After rendering the mask mandatory in public in some cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, the measures were relaxed. The cover face is still strongly encouraged, especially for people at risk of complications of the COVID-19, such as the elderly.


The mask-wearing is prevalent in the japanese society without government to make it mandatory. At the beginning of April, the authorities announced that they would provide two masks re-usable home, but this measure has been criticized.

No recommendation on wearing the mask


The country, recognized for its containment very light, still has not given instructions on the wearing of the mask. In may, Johan Carlson, the Swedish Agency of public health, said that ” the facial masks in public spaces do not offer greater protection to the population “.

An effective way to reduce mortality

A study dating back to mid-June, concludes that the countries that have recommended or required the wearing of mask in public since the outbreak of the COVID-19 on their territory have been a number of deaths significantly lower than those who waited longer before doing so. The nations that have not implemented these measures, or who have waited 60 days before doing so have seen their mortality rates explode. This study compared the mortality rate of 198 countries.

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