“The world has caved in under his” other Ukraine Makarevich 66: best quotes of the great artist

"Мир прогнулся под него" - другу Украины Макаревичу 66: лучшие цитаты великого артиста

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Honored artist of the Russian Federation, the frontman of the legendary group “the time Machine” and a good friend of Ukraine Andrei Makarevich on Wednesday, December 11, celebrates his 66th birthday.

In connection with this bright holiday we wish the singer many happy years of life, good health and prosperity.

It is worth remembering that the singer often stood up for Ukraine and Ukrainians for that many disliked at home.

A little biography of the singerAndrey Makarevich was born on 11 Dec 1953 in Moscow, his father is an architect and teacher Vadim Makarevich, mother – the doctor-the phthisiatrician, the scientist and microbiologist Nina Makarevich.

"Мир прогнулся под него" - другу Украины Макаревичу 66: лучшие цитаты великого артиста

Andrei Makarevich, Radio Liberty

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Under the guidance of his father, who was an Amateur musician, Andrei Makarevich from an early age played the piano. He entered music school, piano class, but contrary to the will of their parents, quit school. However, this did not prevent him to become a great musician.

It is known that from the beginning of the Euromaidan Andrey Makarevich spoke in support of it and criticized the Russian media for how they covered the events in Ukraine. After the escape of Viktor Yanukovych, the musician called his actions a disgrace to the world, noting: “an Honest person will not hide criminal and thief. A thief will be”.

Quotes Andrei Makarevich about Ukraine and Ukrainians:

I’m not familiar with either one Bandera

“I don’t know any Bandera, with any nationalist. But I know Andrew, the other Andrew, Svetlana, Pasha, Sergei, can you name twenty more names from different cities of Ukraine. These are my close friends, Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine whom I know for several decades who always treated very well and Russia, and the Russians. And how I must look in the eyes, if now their sense of the country tells them that they lied and then humiliated and robbed”

The guys on the Maidan is already hardened and know what they are fighting

“The guys on TV, what do you want? Will embroil the two Nations living side by side? You get. And what it ends up, you know? The war with Ukraine want? As with Abkhazia, will not leave: the guys on the Maidan is already hardened and know what they are fighting for their country, for their independence. And for what? For Yanukovych? Guys, why did you hide it in Russia? An honest man would not cover criminal and thief. A thief will be. Why are you a disgrace to humanity? I know that you do not care, but still?”

Stupidity can’t last forever

“Of course, Ukraine did the mass of nonsenses – with Russian, with demolition of monuments. But such nonsense inevitably accompany any revolution – spring is unbent in the opposite direction. And then everything rises on places – nonsense can’t last forever. Guys, we live with them. Still in the neighborhood. And it is desirable in friendship. And as they live, they decide themselves”

“All will end well, like to see in our lifetime”

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