The world is crazy

You have to admit that last week, there has been quite a journey in Absurdie !

It started with the City of Montréal, which is given as a priority, is in full pandemic, fight against the supremacy of the masculine in French. And it ended with a pub of Maxi withdrawn because it was the pépeine to a minority.

Misery ! This is even more the Absurdie, it is the Surréalistan !


Émilie Dubreuil, Radio-Canada (which we had learned from the writing project more gender-inclusive language in Montreal) has revealed in its end-of-week that the City did not appeal to linguists to advise… but to activists.

In effect, “to guide elected officials in the formulation of recommendations to develop the new communications policy of gender-inclusive language” we have appealed to Suzanne Zaccour and Michaël Lessard, ” two lawyers known for their activism.” They are the authors of the Grammatical gender of the French language.

Suzanne Zaccour has also co-edited the Dictionnaire critique of the sexism language. And she wrote the making of The rape.

In September 2019, in interview magazine, Chatelaine, the reporter asked : “According to you, one should always think from the outset the victims. Why ? “.

His response : “I am of the opinion that the person who reports an assault that has no reason to lie and that the attacker has all the reasons to do so “.

And it is to these people that asks for advice when the time comes to decide how we should speak ? People who say “celleux” instead of “those” ?


I put the hand on a document prepared in 2018 by the City after consultations with Lessard and Zaccour. Here’s what it reads on their priorities : “a counterweight to the history of patriarchal French ; ensure representation of women and people from non-binary to shatter the glass ceiling of language. “

The more I read on this initiative of the city to have a non-writing sexist, the more I see that the priority is not the women but the person is non-binary.

That an infinite part of the population chooses not to identify or to women or to men, either.

But why is it the responsibility of the City of Montreal to change the common language so as not to offend ?


You want a good one ?

The log on The Right tells us that ” The City of Gatineau has adopted a policy of equality between men and women, the 17th of march last, which also provides the use of a writing that is gender-inclusive language by its officials “.

A project advisor Isabelle N. Miron, who says : “I think that quebec society is going to this natural. (…) It is not necessary to make it a disease as do some reviewers. There is nothing to tear his shirt “.

Mrs. Miron refers, among others, Denise Bombardier, myself and Mathieu Bock Coté. But saying ” some reviewers “, she… let the male take on the female !!! It has violated its own rule of communication inclusive ! Hahahahahaha !

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