The world libertin resumes, with less freedom

Le monde libertin reprend, avec moins de liberté

MONTREAL – The impossibility of exchange of partners does not prevent the bohemian clubs offer an evening full of pleasures, support two of the owners of establishments in the montreal area.

Last week, Jean-Paul Labaye had no waiting in line at the re-opening of its club libertine, The Storm Club, located in the Saint-Michel district. Far queue usual, the Storm Club has even hosted a crowd of about fifty people in the whole evening.

This libertine club, opened since 1996, based on the rules imposed on the bars : the capacity is reduced to 50 people, a distance of two metres is maintained between the couples, reconciliations physical, are not permitted and the booking is mandatory. “This is nothing more of a libertine club to share it’s the swingers who come to meet,” expressed the owner.

“For the moment, the application has changed a little. The people arrange between themselves for sex. They can get the house. The fact of wanting to come to the Storm, it is to support us, to meet and catch up on the news of the world”, he added.

Despite these changes, the club will retain its sexy side with priority given to exhibitionism and voyeurism. The facility has cages suspended in time where the customers can give a show, alone or with their partner. On the second floor, the rooms will be available: customers will be able to see the participants who are there, but not participate physically. A sense of movement has also been set up by the institution to comply with social distancing.

“People are aware of the rules and don’t feel like the Storm farm,” said Mr. Labaye, who is pleased that the rules have been met last week.

For its part, the Club L lounge, libertine, located on Jean-Talon street, has preferred to postpone its opening and is designed to present the end of July in order to operate. The owner, Mateo Lapointe, thinks about his options and has not ruled out the idea to only open the restaurant while allowing, as his colleague, a partial access to the rooms.

Mr. Lapointe will follow the news, leaves to repel even the re-opening. “Imagine if it happened what happened in the quartier DIX30 (editor’s NOTE: people with the COVID-19 went in the Mile Public House in Brossard, which was crowded) and that there had been cases of COVID in a libertine club. It would have made the headlines in all the newspapers.”

For the past two years, he has worked to improve the reputation of the bohemian clubs, he said. “There are plenty of couples who prevent them from going out in the clubs libertines just because they have heard bad things.”

Mr. Lapointe has confirmed that it will sell the pleasure. “The fun is not limited just to sexuality, but also by the fact to meet people, drink a glass or to share”, he stressed.

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