The world shows “too vulgar” clip Pugacheva: crazy grandmother

Миру показали "слишком вульгарный" клип Пугачевой: бешеная бабка

Monday, April 15, the singer Alla Pugacheva celebrates its 70th anniversary. Reporters found that Phrase. In honor of this, the state television and radio Fund of Russia has published the video for “iceberg”, a sort of a gift for the anniversary.

It is noted that this clip was filmed in Sochi in 1984, but it was forbidden to broadcast “vulgar movements of the singer when she was on her back. For some it was too open.

The Internet is easy to find this video, but in bad quality, recorded from TV. RTR has released video footage.

by the way, after the premiere of the music video in 1984, the leadership of the Leningrad television deemed it too vulgar. The video was banned from further broadcast, but later returned.

Миру показали "слишком вульгарный" клип Пугачевой: бешеная бабка

A song for prima donnas wrote Igor Nikolaev and Lydia Kozlova. It is worth noting that the movie this year is also celebrating its anniversary, a bit more modest than singer, but still – 35 years. The recording was made in 1984 in Sochi. The video aired only once in the broadcast of the Leningrad television, and immediately banned. Someone from management seemed too vulgar position of the body of the singer, lying on his back.

Миру показали "слишком вульгарный" клип Пугачевой: бешеная бабка

In the network there are rumors that “wraps” the video told “orders from above”, now fans of the singer, which no longer goes on stage, unable to enjoy her unknown work.

Recall Pugacheva – 70: revealed dirty secrets of the marriage of Donna Galkin.

Neighbors like no one else knows the details of the biography of the prima Donna, and her songs literally by heart. He became a guest of the new edition of the show “the Secret” one million, dedicated to the anniversary of Alla Pugacheva, which is April 15 marks the 70th anniversary.

As reported by the portal Znayu Alla Pugacheva got to talking and revealed a terrible secret about one of their men.

The portal also Znayu he wrote that Kirkorov gave the greatest mystery Pugacheva: what happened to their son.



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