“The world upside down”: Émile Bilodeau takes a stand against Bill 21 again

“The world turned upside down


Émile Bilodeau, who is not used to keeping his tongue in his pocket, would like to be more nuanced in his positions.

Guest on the set of the TV show The Upside Down, Friday evening, the singer, who would like to travel and deepen his knowledge on the pulse of his society, however took a stand on Law 21, which prohibits the wearing of religious symbols by certain government employees when they work. are in the performance of their duties.

“I am against Bill 21, but that does not make me someone who is not from Quebec,” he said, recalling the importance of respect for others, despite differences, whatever they may be.

“It is a law that has been passed under a gag order and, at the moment when I look at the teachers, they are not our enemies […] We must not forget that there are people who come to help us in our public sectors to deal with 35 students who sometimes have problems. Why would we want to alienate these professionals? formulated the singer, who nevertheless says he is in favor of the principle of secularism.

“There are people who have my skin color, who do not wear a veil and who have done a lot of harm to children, whether through sexual or violent crimes,” continued the singer-songwriter.

Émile Bilodeau will release his fifth album next September.

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