The world’s first genetically modified lizard: photo

Первая в мире генетически модифицированная ящерица: фото

Первая в мире генетически модифицированная ящерица: фото

The world’s first genetically modified lizard: photo

Reptile created using CRISPR technology.

April 8, 2019 at 16:30


Edit genomes on the basis of methodologies CRISPR-Cas is a promising direction in modern genetic engineering.

With its help scientists change the genes of dogs and other animals, but experiments on reptiles have not been conducted. The pioneers were experts from the University of Georgia and their experimental brown anoles – lizards from infotrade iguanaman.

The problem is in the application of the CRISPR reptiles is connected with the peculiarities of their organisms. Usually the introduction of genetic constructs is produced immediately after fertilization of the egg, but we have to catch this moment difficult: they store sperm in their oviducts for a long time. In addition, the fertilized egg covered with a shell and has no internal air space, and this increases the risk of damage to the embryo during the injection.

Geneticists have approached the issue from the other side edited and introduced gene in the fertilized egg. The purpose of the modification is to disable tyrosinase enzyme catalyzing the synthesis of melanin and other pigments. Failure in its work may lead to albinism.

In the experiment, the scientists treated 146 of immature oocytes from 21 reptiles, and as a result, four lizards were born with a pale pink color.

Surprising was the fact that CRISPR has changed not only maternal but also paternal genes. The experiment showed that the activity of the genetic structure is higher than previously thought. And further research may help in the study of human genes: the human tyrosinase is responsible for the processes in the development of the eye.

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