The world's oldest mouse lives in a California zoo

The world's oldest mouse lives in a California zoo


A mouse has been named the world's oldest in captivity by Guinness book experts, according to a statement released Wednesday by the San Diego Zoo, where she is a resident. < /p>

Nine years and 209 days old, Pat, named after Star Trek star actor Patrick Stewart, is a Pacific pouched mouse, found mostly in coastal southern California – between Los Angeles and San Diego – where it enjoys the fine sand.

The species is also considered to be the smallest mouse species in North America.

“ This distinction is also a symbol of recognition for species with which the public is unfamiliar because they are not charismatic,” reacted Debra Shier, associate director at the San Diego Zoo in a press release.

“They are just as essential to the functioning of the ecosystem.”

Indeed, small rodents play a crucial role in their ecosystems. ths by dispersing the seeds of plants and promoting their growth by digging.

The Guinness Book of Records is a veritable institution in the world, whose mission is to identify records in all fields.