The world's supply of maple syrup cut in half

The global supply of maple syrup cut in half

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Maple syrup lovers, should we fear a shortage of the delicious product? Due to a disappointing season and exploding demand, the industry has no choice but to dip into the world's only reserve, which will be halved. & nbsp;

The main warehouse for this reserve is located in Laurierville, Center-du-Quebec, and has an area of ​​267,000 square feet, which is equivalent to five football fields.

Usually, 100 million pounds of syrup are stored, but at the end of the season, 50 million will have to be removed in order to satisfy the growing appetite of consumers, the largest amount since 2008.

Currently, there is no organic syrup available and there are around 38 million pounds of good syrup left, which is used for culinary use, on pancakes, etc. & nbsp;

“The usefulness of the reserve is precisely to allow us to always have maple syrup”, explains Hélène Normandin, spokesperson for the Producers and Producers of Maple Syrup of Quebec (PPAQ), in an interview with < em> The Journal. & nbsp;

“& nbsp; But it is true that the context is particular. Exports are up 20% since the start of the pandemic and we had an average season last year, “she continues. & Nbsp;

More taps

In the spring of 2021, due to the weather, production reached 133 million pounds, which is much less sparkling than the record years of 2019 (159 million) and 2020 (175 million).

So as not to run dry, the organization has therefore decided to add seven million taps within three years. Currently, there are 50 million in Quebec. & Nbsp;

“& nbsp; We would not want to empty the reserve. For now, there will be some, but if the trend continues, we don't know. So we decided not to take a chance & nbsp; “, assures Ms. Normandin. & Nbsp;

This reserve was set up in 2000. It is mainly used to store surpluses when supply exceeds demand, but it also stabilizes the price of the product by eliminating potential stockouts.

There will be plenty! & nbsp;

In his sugar bush, a stone's throw from Mirabel airport, Patrice Lalande is adamant. & nbsp;

Patrice Lalande, Co-owner of a sugar bush

“& Nbsp; Don't worry, there will always be syrup”, launches the co-owner of the maple farm Aux Saveurs du Printemps. & Nbsp;

There is no question for him to add more new notches on his sugar bush. He currently has 5,300. & Nbsp;

“& nbsp; We have seen a 35% increase in our revenues. But at the same time, we can't find a workforce. We did 400-500 extra hours a year, seven days a week for three months, “he says. & Nbsp;

M. & nbsp; Lalande produces only for the local market and sells syrup , maple butter and caramel in his store. & nbsp;

“& nbsp; Since the pandemic, people have been consuming much more locally. For us, this is good news, but we have to keep pace! & Nbsp; ” he assures.

Quebec has the only world reserve of maple syrup.

The main warehouse can contain up to 94,000 barrels of pasteurized syrup.

Quebec is the world's leading player with 73% of production.

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