The wreckage of the Indian satellite could threaten the ISS

Обломки индийского спутника могут угрожать МКС

Обломки индийского спутника могут угрожать МКС

The wreckage of the Indian satellite could threaten the ISS

During the tests, the Indian system of space protection were shot down, the satellite Microsat-R.

On 3 April, 2019 19:23

Improving space power complexes space defense, in order to detect and neutralize spy satellites. Besides the US, China and Russia, its Anti-satellite weapons (ASAT) develops and India.

On 24 January with the launch pad of the space center of Satish Dhawan, in the South of Andhra Pradesh was launched Microsat-R. After 13 minutes of flight he was introduced to a height of about 277,2 km, and on 27 March as intended, it became a target: the Indian anti-satellite weapons hit the target. Details of the applied system ASAT were not disclosed, but the success of the mission made India the fourth country in the world, with anti-satellite weapons.

The Indian military claims that appeared after the operation, the debris will burn up in the atmosphere within 45 days, but NASA and the other experts remind you about the current situation. After the test in earth orbit appeared about 6500 pieces of space junk that flew in orbit at an altitude of 200 to 1,600 kilometers. In danger were the ISS orbiting the Earth at 400-km altitude.

Some fragments are very small, but others have a size of 10 inches and more, and can be monitored. The station can Dodge the chip just in case it will be noticed no later than 3-5 hours before a possible collision.

Us military to track objects in earth orbits, to minimize the risks. Currently the database contains about 23,000 objects of natural and artificial origin are larger than 10 centimeters. In this series – 10,000 pieces of space debris. 3000 of this total was the result of a single event: the Chinese ASAT test in 2007. The result of the Indian experiment, the risk of collision of the ISS with any chip in space increased by 44%. But soon the danger level again reduced, since a large part of the remains of the satellite will burn up in the atmosphere.

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