The year of the disinfectant

The year of the disinfectant

If there’s one thing we’ve done this year, it’s wash our hands.

I have never washed my hands so much in my life.

I became the François Chartier du Purell. I know each brand of disinfectant, its texture, its smell …

I’m even thinking of doing a podcast on Qub Radio.

After the podcast Wicked Grapes, on the wonderful world of wine, here is Villains Purell.

“This week, we’re talking about Alcare disinfectant, from Steris Corporation, an ethanol-based aerosol that leaves an extremely pleasant smell on the fingers, and gets into the skin quickly … Here, try it, Patrick, tell me what you think … ”

Scrub your brain!

But it’s not just the hands that we regularly sanitize.

There is also the brain.

Indeed, every day, the little priests of political correctness issued their new health instructions.

“Hello, your director of public speech here. Here is the daily list of non-essential authors that you must avoid today if you do not want to be infected with the virus of bad thoughts: Mathieu Bock-Côté, Christian Rioux, Denise Bombardier, Claude Meunier, Joseph Facal … “

Not a day goes by without a book, a movie, a TV show or a song being singled out.

“Today we have decided to withdraw the film The Witches, because the witches depicted in this feature film have three fingers, a dubious aesthetic choice that we believe discriminates against people who, in real life, unfortunately only have three fingers … “

(By the way, it’s a true story. The producers and Anne Hathaway, the lead star of the American film The Witches, have indeed apologized to people who have three fingers … We are there, friends.)

This obsession with purity even infected Mike Ward!

Indeed, this week, Ward, who has presented himself for years as the number one enemy of political correctness, was indignant at the fact that the Bloc Québécois wished “Bonjour-Ho” to Quebecers (which puts some Anglophones furious, because “Hoe” means “prostitute” in American street language)!

No farce! Mike Ward !!! The guy who banged night after night on a handicapped young person!

He has now drunk the Kool-Aid and behaves like a Good Shepherd Little Sister!

When it is realized that even Mike Ward kneels in front of the priests of the moral inquisition, not hesitating to condemn a harmless joke to show white paws and be part of the gang, it is that the hour is serious!

Ward really thinks the Bloc wanted to call anglophones plows?

Really ?


In a few months, thanks to the vaccine, we will no longer need Dr. Arruda to know what we can and cannot do.

It will all be a thing of the past. We can dance at the Rosemère shopping center every day, if we want.

Sure Agadou, It’s bossa-nova’s fault or It’s good for morale

You can even dance the Arruda cha-cha-cha.

But the priests of moral purity will continue to piss us off.

Multiplying prohibitions, excommunications, instructions.

Doesn’t that scare you, do you?

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