The young “Actress” by Viktor Pavlik tried on a wedding dress: photos of beauties

Молодая "Актриса" Виктора Павлика примерила свадебное платье: фото красавицы

Viktor Pavlik Catherine Repacova

today, 09:51

Famous musician and singer Victor Pavlik for the fourth time is going to go down the aisle, reports “RBC-Ukraine”.

Reportedly, the new bride Pavlik is his PR Manager Ekaterina Repacholi that younger musician for 28 years. Meet Pavlik and Repacova for several years, but they publicly announced their relationship last summer. Recently Repacova on his page on Instagram posted a picture in the salon of wedding dresses.

Молодая "Актриса" Виктора Павлика примерила свадебное платье: фото красавицы

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In the caption, the bride of Viktor Pavlik thanked supporters for their interest and said that a date for the wedding, they had already decided. She also posted some pictures from a joint vacation at one of the ski resorts in Slovakia.

We remind you that in October 2018, the younger son of Viktor Pavlik Paul was diagnosed with a rare and serious illness, which was able to win thanks to the help of fans of the singer.

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As reported Know.ia, the bride Pavlik added fuel to the fire.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that Viktor Pavlik has unveiled details of the upcoming wedding with a young lover: “I Know what is coming.”

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