The young athletes ready to set foot on the field

Les jeunes sportifs prêts à fouler le terrain

Of young athletes that were not able to practice their discipline preferred during the confinement are in a hurry to be reunited with their spikes and their teammates.

“It is sure and certain that I have ben looking forward to it. I jumped for joy. I was tired of staying at home, ” exults Alexandre Bonenfant. The 10-year old boy is excited at the idea of finding her soccer team, the Green Buffaloes of Sherbrooke.

As of Monday, the followers of team sports outside, like baseball or soccer, will be able to resume training.

The announcement of this déconfinement gradual, Thursday, has made several happy, especially in the clan Griffin.

“We were starting to feel a “écœurantite” among our boys, a frustration of not being able to have fun, but also not to progress in their sport, ” says the father, Marc Griffin, a former professional baseball player and now analyst sports.

“I’ll feel more free when I’m going to be on a field,” says Edmond Griffin, 11 years old, athlete mosquito baseball League amateur competition AA of the South Shore.

His brother Leo, age 14, finished as the second secondary school Of Mortagne, in Boucherville, in the sport-études baseball.

For him, the sport, it is serious. It aims american colleges, and the confinement was a hard blow to his season in bantam AA.

“I’m really excited to be able to perform and make me to see on the ground “, let it go Leo, who is also eager to find his friends.

A team work

For young athletes, amateurs as elites, the team sport is the opportunity to overtake, but also to fraternize.

“It hurts the morale of not being able to get out and practice with my team,” argues Joshua Jones, aged 15, youngest player of the national junior team of Canada. Same goes for Zachary Leduc, age 16, baseball player Elite de Blainville, who plays with the baseball Academy of Canada.

“The sport, it was the only thing that motivated me during the quarantine,” he said. I’m glad to know that we will be able to train as a team. We are going back to normal. “

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