The young people in the radar of public health

Les jeunes dans le radar de la santé publique

While all eyes were turned to our elders, to the peak of the pandemic, the case of COVID-19 multiply now for young people in Quebec.

If the virus spreads so much is that most of them experience mild symptoms, while they continue to work, to attend their family and friends.

One thing is certain, the public health authorities are concerned about them.

“What worries us most of all, it is the relaxation of certain measures,” says Dr. Mathieu Lanthier-Veilleux of the public health directorate of the Montérégie region.

So well, that the government takes major steps to raise the awareness of less than 30 years. It launches an advertising campaign with artists that young people know well. As the singer in hip-hop Loud, for example.

According to Dr. Lanthier-Veilleux, young people accounted for nearly one out of ten cases early in the pandemic. However, months later, the proportion is rather a case about three in the 20-29 age group, ” he said.

The phenomenon is not unique to Quebec. In Canada, young people are, since a little more than 50 % of new cases. A percentage that was much lower, for example, in the month of may.

“In particular, 20-to 39-year-old, because they are at the origin of the highest incidence rates for cases of COVID-19, all ages combined, the last two weeks,” says Dr. Howard Njoo, deputy chief public health officer of Canada.

The authorities insist on the importance of not lowering the guard. The unseen enemy is still there. It is important not to give in to fatigue, would like to remind the canadian public Health.

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