The young wife of Nikolai Tishchenko has become the main Princess of the ball: “It’s incredible”

Молодая жена Николая Тищенко превратилась в главную принцессу бала: "Это из разряда фантастики"

The other day in the Ukrainian capital was held the annual Ball of flowers, which has established a popular Ukrainian TV host and restaurateur Nikolay Tishchenko.

For anybody not a secret that the organization of the event was actively engaged in wife of Nicholas Alla Baranovskaya, which often gets on the gossip pages with its striking appearance and active social life.

Over and over again, appearing in public, Alla delights present a vivid and tempting images. The ball of flowers is no exception.

On his page in Instagram Baranovskaya has published several photos where she appears in the main image of the evening — a bright pink dress with a metre long train.

“The pink color on me is incredible. Was very worried when I made this,” said Baranovskaya.

We will remind, “the Husband works wonders”: the wife Tishchenko told about the arrival of Anna Sedokova in Kiev.

As reported Znaia, the flower ball in Kiev: Sedokova nikitiuk, Tishchenko, and others took a break for spring holiday.

Znayu wrote Sedokova announced loud return to Ukraine: guess why.


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