Theatre: a relaxation greeted with optimism

Théâtre: un assouplissement accueilli avec optimisme

The world of theater welcomes with optimism the new guidelines allow, from 22 June, of the gatherings of 50 people.

“This is a good sign and it goes in the direction of what it is in the process of preparing”, launched Anne-Marie Olivier, the artistic director of the Trident in Quebec city.

At Théâtre La Licorne, in Montreal, you get to give the blow of sending of the season 2020-2021 in September.

“The reopening is going to make it through the shows that were already planned,” said executive and artistic director Philippe Lambert.

At the Théâtre du Rideau Vert, one welcomes the news positively.

“We will consider the re-opening, but at the same time, we are worried about a second wave in the fall. Fifty people, this is not much, but this will start rehearsals in time and place,” said the director-general of the Green Curtain, in an e-mail.

For Marie-Eve Dumont, executive director of the Theatre Periscope, in Québec, these new guidelines respond to what it believed to offer in September, a room, with a distance physics, which can accommodate around 40 spectators.

“Yes, we think we may be able to accommodate the public with events in the fall in forms that are smaller and more simple. We are working on it now”, she mentioned.


However, it will be impossible, because of the health measures to be on stage, to present the first productions which were provided for the start of fall.

“With this news, we understand that the creation will be able to resume quietly over the summer and that we will be able to open our rehearsal rooms for artists from the region. We might be able to present some of the productions already planned, but we are still waiting for the aid measures complementary with regard to the ticket”, she added.

The Diamond, the director of communications, Elizabeth Farinacci, states that it lacks some details before being able to position themselves officially.

To the Broadside, in the district of Saint-Roch, the co-general manager and administrative Bruno Brochu is not able, for the moment, to confirm a re-opening in the fall.

The number of seats, with the measurement of 1.5 m, would be insufficient in terms of profitability.

In the First Act, in Quebec city, Marc Gourdeau sees a step in the right direction. There remains, however, still many questions.

“If the 1.5 m is translated by halls, 40% or 50%, how will be compensated the shortfall? And what will be the health rules for the artists on stage, but also in creation, and in rehearsals?”, he noted in an e-mail.

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