Theatre: debate for the living arts

Théâtre: débattre des arts vivants

The theatre company spokesperson, will present on Monday the first episode of a new project called The digital Assembly, which will feature a lively discussion in real time about the place of the arts in these times of social distancing.

“The idea of the digital assembly, it is to provide our community of the living arts du Québec, a space to reflect on his future, with four people who do not share the same point of view”, explains first Annabel Soutar, artistic director of the company spokesperson, known in particular for having co-produced the piece I love Hydro, widely acclaimed by the critics.

The event, which will take place live from the Théâtre de la Ville, in Longueuil, will bring together four protagonists, Gideon Arthurs, Marie-Louise Bibish Mumbu, Édith Patenaude and Mani Soleymanlou, all from the middle of the living arts and of the theatre of quebec, but sharing experiences and ideological trends of different. They will have to answer to the following question: “The living arts, they have to reinvent themselves in the age of social distancing?”

The public will be able to attend through the platform ZOOM, and will have the opportunity to intervene at the heart of the lively exchanges by the two moderators and coconcepteurs of the project with Annabel Soutar, Alex Ivanovici, and Brett Watson. The event is free, but it is necessary to reserve a place.

“The last two or three weeks, our technical team has been working on a concept of uptake, which will try to reproduce some elements of the theatre, says the artistic director. At a given moment, for example, we will invite participants to ZOOM in to be present, to participate in the dialogue, and we will try to project their image in the theater for four participants and two facilitators to be able to listen to these people, see their face, it will give the impression that they are among us.”

If the context of the project dissemination is undeniably marked by the constraints of health, one of the objectives behind the initiative, therefore, was to reproduce as far as possible what is the brand of the theatre.

“What differentiates the theater from other mediums, is that the presence of the audience affects the show. This is not a recording, this is not done. The public is there, it influences and it changes the process, what is happening on stage,” explains Annabel Soutar, pointing out that only 200 people will be able to attend the event in order to reproduce as much as possible the experience of the theatre. The event is one-time for the same reasons.

Episode 0

The show aired Monday will be a test for the artistic director, who hopes that the concept will last in time and to allow for other discussions of the same kind.

“It’s called “Episode 0″ because it is really a test, supports the coconceptrice of the project. In the debate currently, in social networks, for example, there are a lot of emotions in the community. So I hope that people will watch and the people who are going to participate are going to feel that one has been able to reflect a little bit more, we have been able to gather. And if it works, then we can find a number of other issues outside our community, in society, issues that we began to heat, like what happens in NURSING homes, for example, or what is happening in our education system. I hope that we will advance after 0, that we will be able to offer episode 1.”

The episode 0 of The digital Assembly will be held on Monday evening at 20h. It is possible to register via

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