Theft of Christmas logs possibly linked to a drug case

A theft of Christmas cattle possibly related to a drug case/p> MISE & Agrave; DAY

Two hundred Yule logs, which had just been concocted in a pastry shop in Shawinigan, Mauritius, were stolen this week.

The thieves are gone with 200 cakes prepared by the pastry shop “Le Palais”, intended for organizations for fundraising campaigns, in particular the Carrefour jeunesse emploi in Shawinigan and minor hockey in Saint-Boniface.

The cakes were stored in a locked trailer at the back of the pastry shop. During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the burglars managed to open it and leave with part of the cargo.

According to Claude Caron, technician at Equipements Marcel Gélinas, a neighboring business, the criminals may have -be thought that the trailer contained industrial equipment. “They might have been disappointed when they saw it was logs.”

The thugs did not steal the money from the cash register or the shop's equipment, only the 200 Yule logs, confirmed with dismay the co-owner, Marie-Claude Ross, who could not explain the gesture.

The theft resulted in a loss of over $ 2,500 for the baking.

Ms. Ross became aware of the crime on Wednesday morning and notified the police. “I was disheartened. Not to say on the ground. That's two days of work that flies away. We weren't doing this for the money, with what happened yesterday it hurts, ”she told TVA Nouvelles on Thursday.

Ms. Ross, however, intends to redouble her efforts to deliver his logs as planned, in time for Christmas. Members of the organizations concerned and relatives offered their help to cook the missing logs.

“We worked late last night and we will continue to work. But it's really nice to see that people want to help. Yes there are thieves, but there are also good people, ”she said.

Six of the 200 logs were however found Thursday morning by the Sûreté du Québec during a drug operation in Shawinigan.

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