Their boy’s adoptive away by the cancer

Leur garçon adoptif emporté par le cancer

A couple of the Montérégie unable to have children suffers from a second mourning for the boy he has adopted in British has lost his fight against cancer.

“It is a great feeling of injustice, breath Elizabeth Handfield, mother of young Alex Bouchard-Handfield, 6 years old, who died last Sunday, although Reluctantly.

“I have not had the beginning of his life, and I had his end,” continues the lady of 41 years, serene in spite of the tragedy that strikes her husband, Philippe Bouchard.

It all started when the couple had to go through an initial grieving : realize that it would be unable to conceive a child.

“Biologically, it doesn’t work. It was therefore decided to turn to the British to adopt, ” says Ms. Handfield. It is as well as the little Alex, 20 months, has happened in their life, in 2015.

The toddler was soon realized that the Québécois were worthy of trust.

“The adaptation has really been. He became OUR child ” tells the story of the adoptive mother.

However, as the family learned to weave stronger ties than those of blood, to Alex’s parents have discovered an abnormality in his eye. The child was about to start school. “It worried me. There was a consultation, and it has quickly been directed at [the Hospital] Sainte-Justine, ” said Ms. Handfield.

The little guy had a mass in the brain, were made to announce the new parents.

Child ” hyper focusing “

Alex was suffering, in fact, a solid cancer of the soft tissue. A multitude of treatments followed for him, here and in the United States, over a period of two years.

When all had hoped that the one confirms the disappearance of the mass, the 12 July last day of the feast of Alex – the family has learned with amazement that the cancer had returned.

“We knew that his chances of survival were slim, but we had kept hope, supports his mother. We were lucky, he was not ‘sick’ as five days. “

In a period of respite, last fall, the fanatic of engines has been able to enjoy a dream cruise to Walt Disney and a plane flight with father Christmas.

The child was “hyper focusing” has made the soul in him, in full pandemic. “We were already confined, with a child immunosupprimé “, relativizes Ms. Handfield. She and her spouse must now ” accept the unacceptable “.

“Our feelings are mixed. We will cry and be relieved, ” she continues, resilient. He will have to learn to live with the emptiness that he left behind. “

Open door

Questioned as to whether a second adoption might be possible, it does not close the door.

“You’re going to live our grief, and then we will think what we want,” said Ms. Handfield, who considers himself already privileged to have been the mother of Alex.

“Despite the pain, we would make the same choice,” she says, without hesitation. This is my son, and it was too short. What makes me the most pain, it is not to see them grow up. “

  • She wishes to thank the foundations, Charles-Bruneau, the childhood Dreams, GUTS, as well as Leucan.
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