“Their grandmother will never recover from her injuries” caused by her surgery

“Their grandmother will never recover from her injuries» es by his surgery


A woman has been in a coma since undergoing surgery in Poland, reported to Mirror.  

Beata Filipek, 57, had begun to suffer from bone loss in her jaw. She wanted to have implants to correct her appearance. 

On April 13, she underwent her operation under anesthesia at the private dental clinic in Lublin, Poland. The costs of the procedure totaled $28,967.46. 

Since her aunt had to pick her up after the operation, Ms. Filipek was supposed to write to her, which never happened.

After her operation, which was to last 90 minutes, Beata Filipek subsequently had to wait two hours for the effects of the anesthetic to wear off. 

Around 7 p.m., her aunt l calls, but Mrs. Filipek does not pick up. So she decides to go to the clinic.

She finds her unconscious niece lying on her hospital bed. The 50-year-old was sent to the emergency room in a hospital. 

Several days later, the woman's brain was examined. According to the results, he had suffered irreversible damage. 

At the dental clinic, she was given fentanyl and reacted badly before the operation was completed.

“I am completely destroyed. I told my children that their grandmother will never recover from her injuries,” said Ellie Mae Fitzgerald, mother of Ms. Filipek's grandchildren. 

An investigation has been launched .