Their newborn's body covered half in hair

Their newborn's body half covered in hair< /p> UPDATE DAY

The birth of a child is always a moment eagerly awaited by future parents. However, parents in India were shocked to see their newborn's body half covered in hair.

The doctors responsible for the young toddler simply couldn't believe it. Although the delivery went well, things quickly went downhill.

The baby has a very rare medical condition, which affects 1 in 20,000 children. extends to a radius of up to 40 cm, but the case of this toddler is unique in itself, reported the New York Post.

Dr. Ikram Hussain, medical specialist at Hardoi Hospital, initially diagnosed the child with a congenital pigment nevus, accompanied by “a skin condition marked by an abnormally dark, non-cancerous skin patch,” according to a government source.

< p>This same source states that the hair surface may continue to expand as the hair grows. 

“The surface of the nevus may be smooth, rough, raised or bumpy, and this may change over time,” reads the medical information site MedlinePlus.

The case experienced by this unidentified mother ed by the New York Posthas caught the attention of many onlookers in this rural part of India.

Although the medical condition is not fatal, it can increase the risk of developing skin cancer.

In addition, his body is at risk of producing a remarkable amount of skin cells, which could cause headaches or vomiting.