Théodore Pellerin will interpret the lover of Karl Lagerfeld

Théodore Pellerin will perform Karl Lagerfeld’s lover


Quebec actor Théodore Pellerin landed the role of Jacques de Bascher, the Parisian dandy, lover of Yves Saint-Laurent and lover of Karl Lagerfeld, in the Disney+ series Kaiser Karl.  

The team behind the series that will focus on designer Karl Lagerfeld was looking for his Jacques de Bascher, and it was in Quebec that they found him. The news was made public on March 9 with the publication of Disney + France which revealed the full cast of the highly anticipated series.

At 25, comedian Théodore Pellerin continues his international momentum by interpreting the one who was the lover of the German couturier for almost 18 years. The “haute couture” cast includes German-Spanish comedian Daniel Brühl (Karl Lagerfeld) and French actor Arnaud Valois (Yves Saint-Laurent).

Directed by Jérôme Salle and Audrey Estrougo, the original series FrenchKaiser Karl will tell the story of the couturier's rise in the world of Parisian haute couture in the 1970s. It will be composed of six episodes and will bring together more than 2,200 extras evolving in 40 different sets. Three thousand costumes will appear there, including 160 that were entirely created by the couture workshops working for the Disney+ series.

We remember that designer Karl Lagerfeld died in 2019 at the age of 85 years. 

Vanity Fair

In the title of a March 11 article in the magazine Vanity Fair France, it is written that “the role of Jacques de Bascher promises to be sulphurous”, as he unveils a glamorous and stylish Théodore Pellerin.

“By revealing a seductive, tormented and decadent facet of his acting, Théodore Pellerin could well become the most magnetic of Jacques de Bascher”, we explain, insisting on the presence of scenes “particularly sulphurous for this character. high in color: nudity, sexual relations between several partners, feverish evenings…”

Théodore Pellerin is designated as a “rising star who is making his place in the international cinema industry”. We mention his various acting awards for the Quebec film Chien de garde, his role in Boy Erasedstarring American stars Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe, and her recent role in Lionel Baier's feature Continental Drift (South)with actress Isabelle Carré.

< p>Several projects

Théodore Pellerin will also star in Solo, Sophie Dupuis' third feature film, slated for release later this year. He will play the role of Simon, immersed in the world of drag.

In an interview with Technikart magazine last February, the actor who will also be seen in April in Beau Is Afraid< /em> with Joaquin Phoenix recounted:

“It was a real desire to play free from the weight of masculinity and emancipate myself from my upbringing. It was also very important in the process with Sophie not to create an overly caricatural feminine identity, but to find and then develop the character's femininity and, of course, mine.”

The actor will be also from the Franklin series with Michael Douglas and Noah Jupe which will be released later this year on Apple TV.