There is a risk that dismissal because of Ottawa

Elle risque le renvoi à cause d’Ottawa

An immigrant working for an organization that helps newcomers integrate is itself threatened to expel him from the country by the end of the month because of a kerfuffle in the administration of the department of Immigration.

Elle risque le renvoi à cause d’Ottawa

Philippe Dulude
Ceo of the CANA

“Unfortunately, this is the image of a lot of folders that it sees,” says Philippe Dulude, director general of the Carrefour of helping newcomers to canada (CANA), about the request for a new contract of employment of his employee of French origin.

Immigrant in Québec for a year and a half, Ophelia River, a young professional of 30 years, worked until April as an aid to asylum seekers who arrive in Montreal.

However, it is now stuck at home without pay, and threatened to leave the country on 28 July at the latest, if his / her situation of immigration is not resolved.

It is not successful to obtain the work permit that she had asked the Immigration department for months already.

“Normally, it should work, said Ms. River, overtaken by events. But [it] has decided otherwise. “

Two refusal

He gives as the reason, after two refusals, that his employment was not ” charitable “, a criterion necessary to receive these.

“I don’t know what it would take to do it more, take it Philippe Dulude. What is more merciful than what she did ? We need it. “

“Excuse me, but it looks like it has been processed by a machine. There is something wrong. This is unacceptable, ” he continued.

Since the beginning of its approaches, and Ophelia’s River is passed by a whole range of emotions.

“I feel aggrieved, let down the young woman. It is said that in Quebec, it seeks the world to work. And well, here I am. I’m ready. It doesn’t make sense. “

The lawyer Justine Basilio has analyzed its folder.

“It is clear decisions were difficult to justify legally regarding his refusal, said the lawyer. The CANA is not only a community organization, but it is a charitable organization in the name of the law without the possibility of interpretation by immigration officials. “


According to counsel, this denial appears to it to be vitiated by ” a misunderstanding “.

She believes that something as mundane as the name of his position could be in question.

“I can hardly believe that one can say that this process is legitimate, laments Philippe Dulude. When a newcomer comes to see us, we want to be able to tell him to have confidence in our system. “

♦ Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada, we meant that he was not able to comment on the details of a particular case without a signed consent by the person concerned.

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